Electrical Upgrades You Might Want When You're Remodeling A Home For Aging In Place

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If you've always wanted to remodel a home yourself but you were always too busy, retirement is a good time to start. You might want to buy an old house you can fix-up so you can save money on your new home and enjoy the process of remodeling. While you can do a lot of work yourself or with the help of friends, you'll also want a licensed electrician for electrical projects. Here are some electrical upgrades you might want when you remodel your home with an eye toward aging in place.

Change Your Lighting Layout

Talk to an electrician about the lighting layout for your remodel. One problem with ceiling lights when you're older is that it is dangerous to climb on a stool, chair, or ladder to change the bulb. You may want new lights that work well with LED bulbs so the bulbs can last as long as possible. Installing pendant lights or overhead lights that can be lowered for cleaning and changing bulbs might be a good idea too.

You may need brighter light if you have problems with low vision as you age. However, older lights and lamps may not handle high-wattage bulbs. Note the maximum wattage of the lights you buy so you can choose the brightest bulbs to help with illumination.

You might also want lighting under your cabinets and under the toe kicks so you don't have to enter a dark kitchen. By having the lights hardwired by an electrician, you don't have to worry about batteries going dead and leaving you in the dark.

Have A Smart Home System Installed

A smart home system brings your remodeled home to the modern age. You'll find the convenience of a smart system worth it no matter what age you are. An electrician can install the system so you don't have to worry about how to connect the components. With a smart system, lights can turn on and off automatically, your HVAC will run more efficiently, and your home security will improve.

In addition to updating your home with a smart system, the electrician can also modernize it by adding USB outlets, more dedicated circuits, and more GFCI outlets for your safety.

Upgrade The Electrical Panel

If your electrical panel is several decades old, it might need more power and more circuits to handle all the things you want in your new home. If you want to spend your retirement years in your workshop, soaking in a hot tub, or enjoying hot showers from your tankless water heater, you may need an upgraded electrical panel.

Your electrician can inspect your electrical system, put in a new panel if needed, put in new wiring, and make sure your system can be expanded to supply power for years to come without having to make additional upgrades.

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