Maintaining Your New Standby Generator Is Easy And Convenient When You Have A Service Agreement

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Your new standby generator will perform better if you learn how to take care of it and have it serviced at least once each year. You want the generator to be in good shape at all times since you never know when the power will go out. Here are tips for taking the best care of your generator.

Enter A Generator Service Agreement

The company you bought the generator from may have offered you a service agreement. Consider signing up for the agreement because your generator needs to be serviced by an electrician annually. In addition to a thorough inspection of your system, you may get priority service if your generator malfunctions.

Follow The Manufacturer's Maintenance Schedule

If you enter a generator service agreement, the electrician will follow the recommendations of the manufacturer for when to replace certain parts. The manufacturer may recommend changing things like the spark plugs and battery after a certain number of hours of operation. Your electrician provides you with a checklist for each visit so you can ensure the proper maintenance is done.

The electrician may check the electrical system in the generator and test the connections on the transfer switch. They may also check the battery and voltage output. In addition, they may perform mechanical maintenance on the cooling system, ignition system, and engine. This may involve cleaning parts, testing parts, and replacing worn parts. Plus, some parts may be changed on schedule before they get worn out.

Respond To Signals From Your Generator

Your generator may even let you know when it's time for maintenance by displaying a light. They can also let you know if there was a malfunction while doing a self-test. Everything the generator does is logged by the computer so the electrician can check the log when they do maintenance or repairs.

Learn What You Need To Do

Talk to your generator dealer or electrician about your responsibilities for maintenance. A generator is intended to run for short periods of time. If you have a prolonged outage, you may need to shut your generator down so it doesn't overheat. In addition, you could need to add oil or even change a spark plug. You can buy all the maintenance supplies you might need and keep them on hand in case of a power outage that lasts more than a day or two.

You can also keep the area around the generator clear. Trim back weeds so there is plenty of space around the generator and check the outside of the unit occasionally for storm damage and other problems. You may not have much to do to maintain your generator if your power outages don't last too long, and by letting an electrician maintain the equipment, you can feel confident the generator will kick on when you need it most.

To learn more information about taking care of your generator, reach out to a generator service near you.

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