Tips To Stay Safe With Electrical Outdoor Systems

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Since you spend more time outside during the summer and sometimes fall, you want to ensure that the outdoor electrical systems are up to par. These electrical systems tend to suffer extreme wear and tear due to the fact that they are constantly exposed to environmental elements. Despite this, however, homeowners fail to give these outside systems any different care than their indoor systems. Unfortunately, this lack of care can lead to deadly hazards that are entirely unnecessary. After all, electricity and water don't mix. Keep reading to learn a few things you should know about staying safe with your outdoor electrical systems.

Make Sure to Utilize the Right Outlets

It is important that you have weather-resistant receptacles installed to ensure that your outlets are protected from the rain, humidity, snow, and ice. These also come with weather protective covers. These receptacles will ensure that you are protected from electrical shock when water is present. They are constructed with rust-resistant parts, offering long-lasting lives that an indoor outlet could never provide if installed outside. Just make sure to keep these outlets clean and debris-free.

Don't Forget to Upgrade the Outlets as Needed

If you reside in an older property, especially one that is a few decades old, GFCI outlets may not have been installed outside of the home. This can lead to a very dangerous, injury-prone situation, including death. Speak to an electrician and schedule an inspection to ensure that the outdoor outlets are the right ones. If they aren't, have them upgraded as soon as possible.

Use Extension Cords in the Proper Manner

When using an extension cord outside, it is imperative that you are using one that is designed to be used outdoors. Indoor extension cords are meant to be used indoors and not outdoors. Indoor extension cords are not specifically rated for the capacity for outdoor use, such as providing power for construction tools. However, when using outdoor extension cords, make sure that they are not used in a wet area and that they are in good shape before using.

Avoid Dangerous Usage of Outdoor Electricity

If there is a big storm headed your way, you will want to make sure that you stop using any kind of electricity outside of your home. You should turn off all electrical equipment and devices and put this equipment inside of a building. Unplug all extensions cords and store them as well.

For more information on scheduling an outdoor electrical inspection or electrical safety tips, contact a local electrician.

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