Three Things To Consider When Installing Recessed Lighting

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Many homeowners have been using recessed lighting to brighten up spaces in their homes since the method doesn't involve a light fixture that hangs down and causes shadows. If you're interested in using recessed lighting for your home, it's important to know the following things.

Consider The Color Temperature Of The Bulbs

It's very important that you know what color temperature you want the light from the bulbs to be. While normal incandescent bulbs give off a soft yellow light, the bulbs use a lot more electricity than their LED counterpart. Thankfully, LED bulbs have the option to mimic incandescent bulbs or give off a totally different feel with a different color temperature.

The packaging of the light bulbs should tell you where the light falls on the color spectrum. Lower numbers are going to be warmer and have more orange and yellow colors, and higher numbers are going to be cooler with white and blue colors. You may want a warmer color in a place like your bedroom, and cooler colors in kitchens and bathrooms where you want things to look more clear.

You must also factor in how the colors of the walls will play into the overall temperature of the room. Get a few bulbs of different color temperatures to try, then you can see how the space changes colors when a different color light shines on it.

Consider Dimmer Switches And Zones

Having more control of your lighting with dimmer switches can really help with recessed lighting. That is because there are typically more lights when you use recessed lighting, which can make a room feel bright when they are all on. Not only will you want dimmer switches to bring down the total brightness, but you may also want zones as well. This can be done by separating a room in half so you are only lighting the side that you want, or putting every other recessed light in two separate zones for half the amount of light. However, pay attention to the bulbs that you are using if you have a dimmer switch. Some light bulbs are not compatible with dimmers, and others are.

Consider The Placement

It is possible to have too many recessed lights in your home, which is why you need to consider the placement of all the lights. If you have a ceiling fan in the room, you'll want to space out the lights from the fan blades so that you do not have a light chopping effect where the light flickers. You should also be placing the lights a few feet away from the walls so that the light doesn't create a whitewashing effect on the walls. 

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