3 Things That Cause Central Air Conditioning Systems To Make Loud Noises

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Homeowners get used to the sounds that their appliances make. Some appliances, such as water heaters, do not make any noise unless something is awry. Others, such as refrigerators or furnaces, may make low-humming noises that individuals eventually get used to hearing. 

Central air conditioning systems usually run quietly. Homeowners are likely to hear air blowing through their vents when their systems are performing well. However, weird noises may unexpectedly start to occur, and they could happen when a system is off or turned off. The following points identify potential causes for this phenomenon.

Air Filter Issue

Homeowners need to determine when their air filters were last changed. If a filter has restricted airflow, it could be due to it being clogged and needing to be changed. However, some homeowners may purchase the wrong size filter for their central air conditioning systems.

Excessively clogged and ill-fitting air filters may slam against the interior portions of the system and create noise. A simple AC repair should start with checking air filters. HVAC technicians can advise homeowners on how frequently they should change their filters and the correct size filters for their systems.

Electrical Issue

If a central air conditioning system has an electrical issue, homeowners are likely to hear clicking noises. The noises may happen during operation or only when a system is turned on. It requires a professional AC repair because homeowners could get injured by attempting to do DIY electrical repairs. They might also cause irreparable damage to their AC systems.

Condenser Issues

The condenser is the outdoor unit portion of central air conditioning systems. It houses several critical parts, such as the compressor. Banging noises may emit from the condenser if the condenser springs get worn, which is a common parts replacement. Loose parts, such as the fan, may also make banging noises if they need to be resecured. 

An HVAC contractor is a good resource to use to learn more about strange noises coming from a central air conditioning system. They can determine if the noises are associated with an indoor or outdoor AC repair issue. The contractor can also explain how routine maintenance can help reduce the chances of systems needing repairs.

HVAC technicians perform point-by-point inspections and can usually identify and make repairs. Air filters get changed and systems get cleaned of dust and grime. If there are loose parts, they are tightened. Missing screws get replaced. Another valuable reason to get these service appointments is that technicians can identify if a system is on the verge of failure due to age or damage to critical parts such as the motor or compressor. 

Contact a local central air conditioning service to learn more. 

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