Rewinding Your Motor Can Be The Right Way To Go

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When your electric motor starts to show signs of deterioration, you can choose between two valid options. One thing you can do is replace the motor, but this can be quite expensive. The other thing that you can do is prolong the life of your motor by having it go through a rewinding process. You can learn about some signs that your motor is a good candidate for rewinding, as well as the benefits of having the process done, here: 

There are no significant signs of damage

Signs of deterioration you can look for include burns, broken parts, or other signs of significant issues, such as rust. Motors can last a long time without showing these types of issues, so there is a good chance of your own motor being a great candidate for rewinding. If your motor has been running without any noticeable changes or other signs of problems, then this can be an indication that the motor is fine for rewinding. 

The winding resistance numbers don't match

When you take your motor in to have someone rewind it, the professional will measure the winding resistance. The motor's optimum winding resistance will be located on its nameplate, as well as detailed in the documentation that comes from the motor manufacturer. The professional will verify that the numbers provided by the motor's manufacturer don't match up with the measurements the professional noted. This indicates that your motor is one that's a good candidate for rewinding. 

There are issues with the insulation resistance

Issues with low insulation resistance are something that happens over the course of a motor's life. Issues can be caused by things like vibration and power surges. The process of rewinding a motor can help to improve the insulation resistance, and this can help to improve the motor's efficiency at the same time. 


Now that you have more information regarding rewinding your motor, you may see that it is a good option for you. Knowing that rewinding motors will help you save a lot of money can help. However, the process is also one that is better for the environment. Knowing you are making the right choice for yourself and the environment at the same time may make it a very easy choice to make. You will also get a motor back that you will be able to depend on after it has gone through the rewinding process.

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