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it's Electric! A Shocking Blog Okay, we'll admit it. Not every article on this blog will be shocking. We just thought that title was fitting, being that this is a blog about electricity. We can promise this, though: every article you read will be informative. You might read about outlets, circuits, or even light switches. You might read about electrical fires or electrical safety. It won't all be shocking, but it will all be helpful. The next time you find yourself in a conversation with an electrician, we expect you'll have a much better idea of what they are talking about — and all because you read this blog.

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5 Causes Of Electrical Outlet Failure

A failed outlet may stop working completely, or it may seem to short out or overheat for no obvious reason. Don't ignore these issues. Instead, call an electrician right

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Reasons And Signs You Have A Bad Electrical Outlet

When you use your electrical outlets, you expect them to work properly and not burn or spark. However, burned or sparking outlets are not uncommon and are a definite sign

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How An Electrical Contractor Can Help Prevent A Shocking Accident In Your Home

As a homeowner, you are likely always thinking about your next maintenance project. But one area of your home that can sometimes go overlooked is the electrical system. I

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4 Top Reasons To Choose Electrical Work As A Career

Are you looking for a career where you solve practical problems hands-on? An electrician should be at the top of your career choices. Electricity makes almost every aspec