Purchasing An Older Commercial Building? Hire A Commercial Electrician To Do An Inspection

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If you are purchasing an older commercial building, there are many things you should have inspected before you move in. One of these things is the electrical wiring. Problems with your electrical wiring could lead to an electrical fire. Keep reading to learn what a commercial electrician will inspect for you.

Check the Circuit Panel

The circuit panel is what houses the breakers that power different areas of your building. Each panel has breakers for things like lights in different rooms, power equipment in your building, and more. Each circuit breaker has a switch that can be turned off and on. In some cases, the switch will turn off automatically if there is a problem. 

The electrician will check each breaker to ensure they are large enough to power what you will have in your commercial building. For example, you may have equipment that requires more amps than the circuit breaker that powers them has. If anything is found, the electrician will replace the circuit breakers.

The electrician will also inspect the wiring that is behind the circuit panel to ensure it is in good condition. Any wiring that looks worn out or frayed will be replaced with new wiring. 

Check the Lights

The electrician will go into each room and turn on all the lights. They will watch to make sure the lights stay on steady. For example, if the lights flicker, this is a sign of trouble. There could be something wrong with the electrical wiring, or the circuit breaker may not have enough power. 

This would be a good time to have the electrician install new lights. Electricians can install light switches, dimmer switches, etc. Electrical plugs may also need to be installed. Each plug will be checked to be sure each one is working and is in good condition. 

Check the Type of Wiring

Because the commercial building is older, it may have older wiring, such as tube or knob wiring. This type of wiring is common in older buildings but is no longer being used. If this wiring is found, the electrician will make sure it is in good condition. If everything checks out, they may choose to leave the wiring in place.

If there is old wiring you may want to consider having the wiring replaced with newer wiring while the electrician is there. This is because you have more of a chance of problems with older wiring in the future. 

Make sure you hire a commercial electrician to help you as they are experienced in working in commercial buildings.

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